Macro Photography

I love up close and vivid images, so when I came across these images I had to share. Macro Photography is the technique of photographing a subject up close. Typically the subject fills most, if not the entire, image plane. Stunning macro photography is generally best achieved with special equipment, including a specially designed lens. However, most modern cameras (point and shoot especially) have macro setting options built into the camera; making it a very common, but no less stunning, technique.

calla la la la by Julie Scholz

Macro photography is a beautiful way to take what is often normal subject matter, and make it extraordinary, simply by offering a new perspective. Its often these types of photos that turn out the best. When we are provided a glimpse of something we might not otherwise pay much attention to is all of a sudden (in effect) shoved in our face, we cannot help but stop and take notice.

Check out these 20 spectacular macro photographs for inspiration in your own photographs.

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Macro Bug by Murlon123
A Moment To Rembember by Eric Lam
Sunflower by Ben Anderman
Tools of the trade, stainless steel blades by Jessi and James Bruntz
173 ~ the big bad rubber ball by Robin Elizabeth Grausam
Macro Dy rop by F. Hatcher
Spudnik Sea Urchin... by Machel Spence
Slowness by Martino Sabia
Blue Smoke by David Lindes
Light Straws by Fergus Bailey
Soft Pastels by Annie Esentepe
Jocy's frog by Kaitlin Moreno
ladybird extreme closeup by Gianni Cerrato
Old marbles by Rick Takagi
Thai Elephant by JenFu Cheng
Grasshopper Green by Samarth Bhasin
Macro plant by Ken Simm
Left-twist by VIC Dessau
Flower: Dahlia "Inner Glow" by Soulful Photos

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